Our Approach

Boost Born out of strategic thinking

Is it time for a BOOST in your company's growth?

Strategic planning is at the heart of our creative process.

BOOST is the name of our proprietary, comprehensive market planning process. It stands for Born Out of Strategic Thinking, and its purpose is to help our clients focus on those things that will best help them achieve success.

The objective of the BOOST process is two-fold:

  1. To determine your brand or claim of distinction/unique selling proposition that makes you different from every other company in the world, and
  2. To develop a marketing plan that will serve as a roadmap to help steer you through the churning rapids of today's challenging business environment.

The process begins with a shirt-sleeve discovery session involving key members of your management team. We examine your company's history, markets, traditions, strengths and weaknesses, competition, innovations, values, ethics, customers, employees and corporate culture.

The plan is then updated annually. Equally important is inward marketing to ensure the support for the plan at all levels of the company, including distributors and sales reps.

Call us today for details on how we can put a BOOST in your company’s sales and market share.